Snack Machines
With modern design, highest build quality and many innovative features, these Snack machines set new standards for snack vending machines.

Standard cooling unit- for snack products

Food cooling unit- for food products and drinks

Vario Temp- two variable temperature zones for different groups of products. The "standard" chilled zone between 13-20 deg C for snack and confectionery. The "super cooled" zone of up to 3 deg C keeps food products chilled and drinks refreshingly cold.

The "standard" cooling unit can be exchanged for the "super cooling" unit in a matter of minutes, allowing flexibility of snack, food and drinks products vended.

All Multi SSL / SL /BL models are also available without cooling units for vending of ambient temperature products.

Wurlitzer Multi SSL

This Wurlitzer SSL model is perfect for small offices spaces. It is only 70cm wide and fits into places where other larger machines will not. Yet it offers up to an incredible 27 selections over 6 trays with a capacity of 439 products. Truly amazing
Wurlitzer Multi SL

This Wurlitzer SL model is 85,3cm wide and offers up to 36 selections. It can hold up to 604 products at any one time.
Wurlitzer Multi BL

The largest in this range measures one meter across and has the same depth as the others namely 88.5cm. This will suit large establishments with its capacity of 707 products through its 45 selections.
Azkoyen Combo or Palma models

Versatile configuration with spirals, pivoting trays for easier reloading AND simple, clear price configuration and programming, thereby reducing installing and operating delays to a minimum.
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